Synthetic Hair Extensions

Lower-quality of mixed “human hair” wigs is often diluted with animal and synthetic hair to lower the price.

New fibers are developed continuously that are better resistant to heat and have an appearance closer to human hair. Mixed hair can be styled with heating tools at a very low temperature. Using tools that are too hot on these blended wigs will cause them to melt, frizz and shrivel up.

Human hair is available in many different grades; mainly from women that offer their hair to deities in Hindu temples and other countries in a show of respect and gratitude. Few don’t realize the offerings wind up in a lucrative export market serving China and Hollywood and all over the world. Human Hair texture wigs need special care to last longer than one year, as they can become delicate and brittle. This type of wig is usually more expensive because of the natural look and softer feel it originates. Using suitable hair products to keep the wig moisturized and protected can lengthen the lifetime for the wig. Human hair wigs is a more indistinguishable alternative to natural hair. They are easier to care. Today, many men and women using hair extensions. So what they choose for their daily life from the jungle of human hair and synthetic hair extensions? To answer that question we have prepared this article so people have better knowledge during choosing his/ her product.

Hair extensions produced using human hair can change and transform finest and briefest locks into rich, long streaming tresses, by ladies from all kinds of different background and not just famous people. Both synthetic/ manufactured and human extensions give volume, length, and marvelousness to the adopted hairstyle. These hair extensions might be applied either at home or in…show more content…
It can ‘t be styled to look a wide range of ways like its human hair counterparts. Just uncommon Heat Friendly synthetic hair has been warmly styleable to change the twist design. Remember, even the warmth well-disposed fiber can be hard to style as the synthetic fiber is more impervious to change. Synthetic hair is likewise less sturdy than a human hair. With legitimate care, you can expect engineered hair wigs and hairpieces to last around 4-6 months – warm inviting manufactured hair 2-3 months. It is vital to take after our care proposals keeping in mind the end goal to get the ideal life expectancy from your hair!


1. Human hair has a characteristic vibe and styling adaptability when contrasted with synthetic hair that does not change its present shape.

2. Synthetic hair extensions and pieces can ‘t be colored or shading treated.

3. Human hair extensions and pieces can be colored, blow-dried and treated like natural hair.

4. Synthetic hair can not handle the heat like natural human hair.

5. Human hair is costly and can last around a year of time while synthetic hair may last around three months or somewhere in the clip-in hair extensions come in many different styles, and they are a great option for those who wish to use temporary hair extensions. The best clip-in hair extensions are clip human hair extensions that come with a compact clip. Micro Link or Ring ExtensionThis is a very straightforward way to install hair extensions. A grouping of natural hair and a grouping of hair extensions are slipped into a metal ring. Then, the ring is fastened to secure the attachment. Hair weaving dates back as far as Ancient Egypt and throughout history. Egyptians adored a good hair weave. It was considered a form of self-expression and common practice for them to trim their hair and create dazzling wig out of it. The men on occasion wore more dashing styles of wigs than the women. Women more so used weaving methods because of their diminishing hair. This practice is still used today for men and women who suffer from different types of hair loss.

Today weaving is a very lucrative business. Over the past 10 years the hair extension market has developed remarkably and there are more weaving techniques than ever. Growing up I can remember my aunt Jeannie, my mothers’ sister adding a hair extension ponytail made out of synthetic hair to me and my cousin Yalena, Marys’ daughters’ hair. Synthetic hair looks similar to human hair but is made out of monofilament fibers, polyfilament fibers, acrylic or polyester. She would brush our hair into a single ponytail with gel, spritz, and using rubber bands secure it. Next she would make a French braid using the synthetic hair and with a rubber band tie it to the ponytail. Then the hair left out from our ponytails was wrapped around the braid and secured with a bobby pin. She would then finish the look by decorating it with a bow or colored scrunchie

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