Hair Accessories

For women with medium to long hair, it can be a challenge to find quick hairstyles that are finished and professional enough for the workplace.

There are ways women can meet professional guidelines and dress codes without having to spend extensive time in the front of the mirror every morning trying to create an appropriate hairstyle before heading to work. These women require only a few hair accessories that can be found at drugstores, discount department stores, online stores, and beauty supply specialty store across the United States. Although it may require some shopping around for the product that matches a woman’s hair type or personality, she should be able to find hair pins and pony-tail covers that will maintain a quality style for an entire workday and not break the bank.

The important point to remember is that a professional hairdo should always look neat, sleek, and finished.


These pins are a time-tested favorite for women with long hair. Jumbo hair pins, or 3-inch extra-large hair pins, are the perfect accessory for neatly-finished buns and twists, and nothing says “professional” like a neat bun or hair twist that holds all day and never distracts a woman from the job at hand.

Jumbo hair pins come in colors and finishes to match a variety of hair colors, so they are practically unnoticeable by employers and coworkers. Women can also purchase them in different thickness gauges and either with or without ball ends and crimped stems for various levels of hold. Wooden, metal, or plastic varieties are also available, and they can be decorative or plain. For work, women should wear plain or unobtrusive decorations in their hair to maintain a professional image. Although the more colorful and noticeable variations are better left to the weekend, jumbo hair pins are perfect for workday hairdos for all of the various hair types professional women might have.


Pony-tails are quick and easy, which makes a pony-tail a great option when a woman is in a hurry on her way to work. However, brightly-colored ribbons, scrunchies or hair ties are not appropriate for the professional workplace. For the workday, a woman should opt for something that makes her hairdo look neat and finished. That is not to say, though, that a woman cannot wear a pony-tail to work. Pony-tails, and the elastic bands that hold them in place, can be covered by pony-tail covers.

Pony-tail covers come in many shapes, styles, and materials, including leather, sterling silver, plastic, or fabric. A working woman should choose, just as with the hair pins, a decoration that is fairly neutral to help her maintain a professional image. They’re just as easy to use as the elastic, itself, but finish a pony-tail in a way that is appropriate for the workplace.

Although these are only two broad categories for workplace-appropriate hair accessories, they can be used in a variety of ways during the workweek to keep a woman looking polished. Both jumbo hair pins and pony-tail covers come in a variety of types and styles, so a woman can, while maintaining workplace standards, express her personality – and get to work on time.

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